I thought I would update my progress, so hear you go! I’ve not been working out for about 3 months so I probably don’t have as much definition as I could achieve but I still have all the time in the world to become SHREDDED! As you can probably tell, these are not at the same angle which I’m sorry about but hopefully this is good enough :P. Although I got a bunch of hate on my last progress photo, I am so thankful for the people that supported me and said that I inspired them, I really really appreciate it and all of you are so fricking lovely! These photos were taken about 7 months apart (I could be entirely wrong but it’s a good guess in my eyes) so if you do try hard, you can achieve anything you want and all of you guys will reach your goals even though at some points it may seem tough or even impossible, you will get there with a little hope and support and I am always here if anyone just needs a little bit of encouragement. Stay awesome.

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I want to know if those shoes belong to one person becaue i’m gonna rob that person thank you.

Haha they belong to some fitness model. I saw when she posted a picture on instagram lol :)

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great progress! :D


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“This gorgeous Hälssen & Lyon calendar is made of brewable tea. Each day is made of fine pressed wafer thin tea leaves.” 

I want this sooooo bad! 


“…Jervis, what say you?”

Holy want!

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